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Exhibition Application



We highly recommend that you visit GATE 6 GALLERY before you lodge an application


Artist’s Name: ___________________________________


Mailing Address: _________________________________




Telephone(s): ____________________________________


E-mail: __________________________________________


Preferred Exhibition Month: 1.____________2.____________3.__________


I declare that all the artworks submitted in relation to this application are the original work of the applying artist/s


Signed: __________________________________________


Please include the following with your application:

  • A CV of no more than one A4 page

  • An exhibition proposal between 200 - 300 words

  • Up to eight JPEG images OR 6 minutes of video of artwork created within the last two years.

  • Email application to Secretary, Katie Rowe

If you wish to discuss this application further please contact

Di Lockwood

GATE 6 GALLERY: Exhibition Agreement


GATE 6 GALLERY is an artist run space set in the picturesque Akoonah Park reserve in Berwick, Victoria. It is located at Gate 6, Cardinia St, Berwick. GATE 6 GALLERY is a multi-use space managed by SECAN, the South Eastern Contemporary Art Group, a not for profit incorporation which seeks to promote contemporary art in the South East of Victoria.

GATE 6 GALLERY provides affordable exhibition space for emerging contemporary artists. GATE 6 GALLERY charges no commission on artworks sold



GATE 6 GALLERY aims to:

  • Promote local contemporary art

  • Encourage the public to view and reflect on the work of emerging artists

  • Sell art directly to the public, at affordable prices, free of commissions

  • Establish a network potential participants and viewing public

  • Provide an affordable exhibition space for emerging contemporary artists

  • Actively support emerging artists

  • Further develop exhibition skills with participating artists

  • Provide opportunities for the public to meet the artist



The Gallery will:

  • Give priority to current SECAN members

  • Provide a schedule of forthcoming exhibitions.

  • Plan exhibition dates at least 6 months in advance.

  • Provide a professionally installed exhibition space with professional hanging equipment, plinths, glass display cases and lighting.

  • Negotiate sale procedures with the exhibitor/s

  • Arrange Openings in consultation with the exhibiting artist.

  • Provide a Visitors’ Book for comments and data collection.

  • Provide public liability insurance for all exhibitions.

  • E-mail invitations to all clients on the database, two weeks prior to the exhibition.

  • Supply catalogue numbers &other gallery stationary

  • Promote the exhibition on the SECAN website

  • Have the final say in work that is to be exhibited.  The Committee has the right to reject work at their discretion and to limit the number of pieces to be exhibited in the space provided.

  • Take due care with all work left at the gallery, but will not be responsible for any damages

  • Advise the exhibitor/s of any community uses of the space during their tenure.


The Exhibiting Artist/s will:

  • Help the exhibiting artist in the month before their own exhibition to better learn the curating process

  • Organise the supervision of the exhibition space whenever the Gallery is open. The exhibition opening will occur on the first Saturday of the month, with the gallery being open from 4pm – 6pm. The gallery will then be open every Saturday and Sunday of the month, 11am – 5pm. If the exhibitor wishes to extend these hours they may do so in consultation with the gallery.

  • Have access to the gallery in the week previous to the opening from the Wednesday to the Friday    

  • Attend the Opening which will occur on the first Saturday of the month,  4pm to 6pm

  • Restore the exhibition space to its original state at the conclusion of the exhibition, including completing any necessary repairs or repainting. The exhibitor will exit the gallery by 1pm on the Tuesday following their last weekend at the latest.

  • Pay a $50 bond on the keys to the gallery and gate. These keys will be returned at the conclusion of the exhibition and, upon a satisfactory inspection of the empty gallery the $50 bond will be returned.

  • Become a member of SECAN at a cost of $50 per annum (each exhibitor), which will cover the artist/s under SECAN’s Public Liability insurance.

  • Pay $50 to the Gallery to cover running costs for the month.  This payment is required at the time of booking the exhibition space.  In the case of cancellation this fee is only redeemable if notice of cancellation is more than three calendar months in advance.

  • Produce and pay for advertising material for the exhibition, such as flyers and paid advertising in print media

  • , Be available for the hanging and removal of the exhibition.

  • Provide any food, drink and serving personnel for the Opening.

  • Ensure all 2D work to be hung uses gallery approved hanging systems. 3M removable hooks or White Tac may also be used to secure artwork.

  • Provide all electrical equipment for Audio Visual work. All electrical equipment must have been tested and tagged within the last 12months.

  • Inform the committee of any supplies that need replacing.

  • Provide any insurance required on their artworks/equipment    

  • Allow SECAN members and other community groups to use the central in the gallery area (if possible) when the gallery is closed. The gallery would be used for meetings and workshops. Greatest care will be taken to ensure no artwork is disturbed.

  • Allow SECAN members and other community groups to use the facilities in the studio area, adjacent to the gallery, when necessary

  • Follow the Gate 6 protocols in relation to behaviour and ensure all directions regarding unlocking/locking doors and gate and turning on and off of electrical equipment are observed.

  • Allow SECAN to use images of their work for promotional purposes (unless otherwise agreed).

Summary of Exhibitor’s Costs

$50 Running Costs for the month

$50 SECAN membership

Printing, advertising and opening costs, at the discretion of the exhibitor/s.

*All prices are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change

Important contacts

President of SECAN - Di Lockwood:  0421 212 476

Secretary: Heather Merrett