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Feb/March 2023

Rural Ruminations 
Members exhibition to coincide with the Berwick Show

Rural Ruminations.jpg

April 2023

Members and Non-members exhibition 

Orange Flower Prints

May 2023

Best of the Decade  
Annual Members exhibition 

Best of SECAN.jpg

June 2023

Continuous Line
By a number of Annual Members


Continuous Line.jpg

July 2023

Winter Solstice 
Members and Non-Members Exhibition

Winter Solstice.jpg

August 2023

Red Earth Janine Farinski

Do you see what I see? Elma Young

Janine Red Earth.jpg
Elma Hedgehog.jpg

September 2023

Works on/with paper

Works on paper.jpg

October 2023

Open studios and 
participants exhibition

Painting Jewelry

November 2023

Marilyn's Tropical Serenity
By Marilyn Rivet 

Marilyn Rivet Tropical Exhibition.PNG

December 2023

Monthly Challenge 
Exhibition by members only

Photography Exhibition
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