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     Wisam Ibrahim      

“From mythic archetypes to the familiar intimacy of a lovers embrace, Wisam Ibrahim’s work is at once highly unique and instantly recognisable. 


Employing a palate both ancient and vibrant, Wisam deftly sculpts his textural layers into dreamlike scapes that stretch out across the mind, musing on the existence of a collective subconscious.


In keeping with his form and colour, Ibrahim’s stylised glyphic symbols are a visual language that transcend cultural boundaries and give presence to the inherent freedom of expression that characterises this veteran artist’s rich and engaging work”.

S.Hargis, 2007 


“Art is like a PASSPORT. Through my work, the viewer is able to enter into and experience the thoughts and feelings of others; to understand how they live and enter into dialogue with their culture”.

My sculpture based on the theme of the human body. The human form fascinates me. I feel it is the natural art. Each part of the body contains more than our imagination of measuring beauty”

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