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Strip Art

SECAN’s (South Eastern Contemporary Art Network) signature invitational show, Strip Art, is now in its third year. 2018 sees Strip Art is featured for the first time on exhibit for a full month.

Gate 6 Gallery’s refurbished art space and studio at Akoonah Park plays host to the exhibition. “Don’t worry, nobody will be taking their clothes off” says SECAN President Di Lockwood. “The name refers to format. All the work for Strip Art is produced in an approximate 3:1 ratio, forming the “strip” that sits either vertically or horizontally”.

“It’s an unusual format to work in” says Gate 6 curator Annette Slattery. “It can be a real challenge for artists, so it’s great to see that almost fifty artworks have been submitted for exhibit”.

This year also sees the introduction of a small prize pool for entrants sponsored by the Cardinia Art Society and SECAN. The exhibition is open to both members and non-members of SECAN. “We have several non-members of SECAN showing work in this exhibition, as well as members,” says Treasurer Heather Merrett. “That shows us that this idea has real appeal to artists. We’re hoping the viewing public feels the same.”

Strip Art 2018, Opening 7th July, 4pm -5:30pm, Exhibition runs 8th – 29th July 2018, Gallery hours Sat & Sun 12pm – 4pm

Gate 6 Gallery, Gate 6 Cardinia St, Berwick, Free entry.

For artist entry details go to

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