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'Synergy' Di Lockwood & Heather Merrett

Some might question the 'real value' of art exhibitions afforded by hanging spaces installed in local libraries .

Delight , intrigue and amusement are words that could describe the current (until February 8) display at the Endeavour Hills library ARTspace .

'Synergy' is a collaboration by local artists Di Lockwood and Heather Merrett , a cluster of interesting printworks that demand little of the coincidental viewers but will satisfy and , indeed , inspire the more artistically discerning and informed who might seek it out .

Printmaking , especially in this employ , is a genre that many would , rightly , consider simple . It's production method is basic and yet the end products are amazing . The creative beauty is in the organisation of these simple forms , their groupings and considered arrangements , a selective palette and , what must have been , many trials .

Serendipity is , essentially , the finding of delight in the unexpected - 'Synergy' is surely both delightful and unexpected ! Creating these works , the identifying and collecting of unusual and interesting materials AND the abandoning of the urge to hesitate , Heather and Di could well be imagined in a gleeful frolic "let's try this with this and that and then , with this but in these colours like that ... and then ...". Such is the cascade from active minds with access to certain devices !

The choice of identical frames and an ordered hanging concentrates the viewer to the multitude of shapes , images and textures , and announces an opportunity for all aspiring or experienced printmakers .

And , if the artwork seems less than satisfying , there's a few thousand library books to quench any thirst for visual and/or cerebral fulfilment .

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