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sheila daniels    

Sheila has always had a passion for art but due to the commitments of motherhood and work (as a costume designer), has only had the chance to unveil her true talents over the last eight years.

She has tried all mediums then discovered scratchboard and fell in love!

Scratchboard enables her to pursue her passion for painting animal’s especially endangered species.


Sheila first exhibited at Fleetwood Art Show in 2008 and had success in selling a painting titled “King Fisher”. She was very excited and the transaction completed so quickly, there was not even a chance to take a photo of the work 

After studying with world renowned artist/teacher Janet Matthews, then portraiture with Elly Abrat and completing a workshop with the inspiring artist and tutor Agatha Lelek then Lesley Barrett, Sheila gained the confidence to exhibit her work regularly at many art shows.  She has received numerous awards and sales over the last few years.

Coming to the art world a little later in life, Sheila has gone from strength to strength proving, herself through the years and continues to develop and enhance her skills.

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