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Natalia Pedan

Natalia is a multi modality artist with scientific background, her specialty is UV reactive art and hand decorated clothing. She creates most of her images by using concentrated dots of colour and leaving to the observer to connect the dots into a complete picture, which can further transcend into a new dimension with 3d glasses. 

She had been practicing traditional art forms from a very early age, but this particular technique evolved recently with the changes in the world and had attracted a significant following in a very short time. She exhibited at various music events and galleries in Melbourne, and her works are on display at Emerald Hub Gallery in February 2022 as a part of What's On Cardinia Festival.


Originally from Ukraine, she lived in the UK before coming to Australia, and settled in the Northern Hills in 2021 following a calling to reconnect with nature and focus more on the creative side of life. More than just art in itself, together with her partner they incorporate elements of different tribal cultures in their lifestyle, from their Eastern European Slavic pagan roots to various native traditions across the world, creating a welcoming space in their home as an art form in itself, to be enjoyed by anyone seeking harmony, joy and connection with nature.


0450 929680 

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