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 Marilyn Rivet 

Marilyn Rivet is an emerging artist who returned to painting in 2019 after working in the travel industry for many years. She follows in the footsteps of her dad and she is mainly self- taught.


Marilyn's passion is still alive and creating art has taught her to never give up on her dreams. With hard work and determination, she believes that dreams come true. Art has taught her to slow down, savour the details and to live a life in full colour.


Marilyn believes that being an artist has unlocked her courage and confidence. Her paintings are impressionistic, eye-catching and bright. She believes that surrounding yourselves with original art is an energy booster and has a tremendous effect on your well-being.

Marilyn Rivet 8 Paris
Marilyn Rivet 4 Beach with stone wall
Marilyn Rivet 9 Portrait Geisha
Marilyn Rivet 6 House on Island
Marilyn Rivet 2 Sunset
Marilyn Rivet 3 Green Beach
Marilyn Rivet 7 Island
Marilyn Rivet 5 Abstract Flowers
Marilyn Rivet 10 Self Portrait2

Marilyn's artwork is mostly inspired by the tropical colours and beauty of Mauritius where she was born. Her purpose is to create art that brings pure joy to others and every artwork has her heart and soul in it. She truly loves sharing her colourful life with everyone.

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