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 Kathleen Kendall

Kathleen was very artistic as a child but after leaving school she mostly worked  in the corporate field, far away from the creative life she had dreamed of in her early years. In 2014, she semi-retired and has been rekindling her love of art.

Kathleen is self-taught and found that through doing a couple of traditional short art courses that she prefers contemporary art over other styles. Kathleen works with a variety of mediums but is currently exploring mixed media and recycled materials along with more traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic and spray paint.

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Kathleen Kendall
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Kathleen also works with glass using the warm glass slumping method and has made some 3D sculptures in glass. Experimentation with the various mediums opened her mind to follow whatever sparks a creative adventure instead of being set in one artistic mold. 


Since 2021, Kathleen has entered the Wearable Arts section for Art Show Pakenham with outfits made from items that were destined for the rubbish bin, such as plastic, bubble wrap and potato chip packets. Kathleen was delighted when she held her first solo exhibition was at the Cranbourne Library in 2021.


As well as being part of the group exhibitions with SECAN, and Art Show Pakenham with CART (Cardinia Artists Society) she has also shown her work in group exhibitions at the Walker St Gallery, Brunswick St Gallery, Linden Postcard show, Cardinia Cultural Centre and Emerald Art show. Kathleen is emerging with new ideas and her imagination is sparked off by a variety of interests so she never knows where her art may lead her but it is an interesting path to follow.

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