Kathleen Kendall

Kathleen was very artistic as a child and wanted to pursue art as a career but due to family circumstances gave up this option after leaving school to follow a corporate career.


In her 40’s she looked back on her life and realised that she missed being creative and rekindled her passion for art by attending short courses in different mediums. In 2014 she left the corporate world and is now experimenting in different artistic fields to find her final medium and genre.


Currently, Kathleen works in glass using the warm glass slumping techniques to make images in glass. Her interest is in manipulating the glass to make x-ray images and her husband Gordon makes the light boxes to show these images.  She has also created bowls and plates in glass and has started to venture into the process of making 3D glass sculptures.

kkendal butterfly
Kkendal xray
Kathlene kendal fish

Kathleen has also worked in oil and acrylic paints and has been experimenting with spray paint in the style of Tony Garifalakis. Kathleen has shown her work in 2009 and 2010 at the annual 9 x 5 exhibition held at Walker St Gallery in Dandenong and also in the Berwick Artists Society’s Artfest 2012 exhibition and the Casey Council Winter Arts festival in 2013 and the CART Bendigo bank show in 2015.