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     Jennie-maree Tempest      

Jennie-maree Tempest was born in Melbourne, Australia. She has always had a passion for textiles “I am drawn to the feel and texture of fibre and thread”. With a desire to develop her textile skills further Jennie-maree attended Box Hill Institute to complete a Diploma in Textile Arts.  This gave her the confidence to take her textiles work to the next level and explore her own unique style.

“I live in a world of fabric, thread and lace all piled up. Glass jars, filled with buttons and bobbins.                                                  

I work by manipulating the mechanics of the sewing machine to create what seems like the impossible. The machine is my brush and the thread is my paint weaving through the clogs of the machine and spilling out onto the fabric as tantalizing art works, known as free style machine embroidery”.

“A lot of my work is inspired by fantasy and fairy tales, faces trapped in a make believe world that are enhanced by the vintage charm of tapestries, embroideries and laces.

I love breathing new life into something old”.

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