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 Elma Young    

Elma is a fibre artist and basket maker specialising in working with natural fibres. She began her arts career working for community arts projects in Liverpool in the 1980’s and gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art (Sculpture) from Liverpool Polytechnic. Elma has worked as an Arts/Crafts Tutor in the UK as well as Australia and has exhibited in Australia since 2011. She now works as a florist.

Plants, especially trees, have always inspired Elma to create and she photographs their structures and growth habits as a reference for her sculptural pieces. Unpredictability of working with natural fibres is an essential part of her work.

‘I have always been an artist and I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating, making or exploring.’

‘I see the making of baskets as a vehicle for artistic expression that has endless potential for development. I articulate ideas and themes through the physical manipulation of fibres and create sculptural forms that not only have a framework which reflect rhythms and growth patterns I see in nature, but which also create shadows and encapsulate space.’

Elma is also a member of the Basketmakers of Victoria. You can contact Elma via email at or through one of the following social media platforms.

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