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 andrea hopgood 

paperworks gallery

Andrea Hopgood has been creating and teaching art for over 30 years. The Paperworks Gallery Artists meet weekly in the studio and gallery she runs from her home in Berwick, where you can view the sculptures in the garden, made by her husband David, including the Cyprus trees that have been carved into pencils.


   She creates works using a wide range of mediums, including; clay, wire, pastel, oil and acrylic.

Andrea’s artwork is inspired by the natural environment. The concept of “place” is very important to her. Having lived in Berwick for most of her life, she has grown a family, a home and a work life within the community.


Her current work explores the concept of place within nature and the parallels with her own experiences. In this series, Andrea paints objects plucked from their natural environment and creates a study, imbued with isolation.


Contact Andrea on. 0408072491

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