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In Process of Change: Sue Jarvis

When: Thursday 21 July - Sunday 21 August

Where: Brindley Family Galleries, Murray Art Museum Albury

Sue Jarvis sees beauty in the every day. If you are fortunate enough to hear her speak about her process, you will see her face light up as she points out angles, lines and patterns in the thoughtfully cropped reference photos that she has digitally manipulated, drawing out the essence of shape, shading and balance of colour before beginning to paint.

Sue is a big advocate of contemporary art, which by definition is 'art of our time’. It reflects what is happening now and often uses traditional materials in new ways, or new technology as the medium or in the process of creating the work.

Sue observes and documents the process of change, not just the before and after. As we don't live in stasis, change is continually happening all around us. The states of ‘before and after’ are often documented through photography and memory, but few record the transient moments of change, making Sue Jarvis’ work very important.

She frequently speaks of things she finds ‘really interesting’, sharing the artist’s view of the world outside our door and the importance of contemporary art in capturing what is there now.

"[In Process of Change] invites the viewer to look for visual inspiration in the everyday, to appreciate what is emerging in their own environment, and perhaps to recognize the importance of capturing the temporary.

Recently Albury has been a showcase for such ideas in the redevelopment of its Art Gallery and surrounding streets. The viewer is invited to see such projects as a source of fascination rather than an inconvenience, noting the fluid nature of the cityscape." ~ S. Jarvis

With this latest exhibition, documenting another building site of change (earlier collections document the construction of the Cardinia Civic Centre in Officer and major changes in the City of Dandenong), Sue is concerned that she might become known as 'the construction site artist'.

I don't think she needs to worry, though; Sue Jarvis has decades of work in private and public collections Australia wide, demonstrating her skills and success with a range of other topics, too.

As a member of SECAN, I feel privileged to have seen a glimpse of another project that Sue is working on. It doesn’t involve construction; but in her signature pallet, the artist continues to use her carefully cropped view to draw us to what is important – the poignant story of the progression of change.

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