ELMA YOUNG        

Elma is a Fibre Artist, Basketmaker and Crochet Designer. She has a BA Hons in

Fine Art (Sculpture) from Liverpool Polytechnic in the UK and has exhibited in

Australia since 2011. She started her arts career working for community arts projects

in Liverpool in the 1980’s and has worked as an Arts/Crafts tutor in the UK as well as Australia.

Since childhood, Elma has had an affinity for working with fibres and for several

years she has studied crochet techniques. Self-teaching and developing her own

style of construction inspired by 19th and early 20th century Irish Crochet, she now

produces her own designs and patterns.

As a technique, once learned, Crochet can

be adapted to suite environment and situation and also provides endless scope to create three-dimensional structures as well as free form lace art pieces.

‘As a Fibre Artist I articulate through my hands, through physically manipulating fibres either, by twining, weaving or crochet. This is how I communicate my affinity with my materials, my emotional state and my relationship

with my surroundings.

Sometimes I am more concerned with how something is made, the construction techniques I have used or level of technical difficulty involved rather than the end result, the journey having more significance than the destination. But in saying this, Ideas then flood through my

imagination while exploring a particular technique and the end result of even a simple basket structure will have character and its own inner life. My work evolves, flowing from one design idea to another, like a meandering pathway through a garden, taking inspiration from forms and structures that I see around me.’

Elma’s recent work explores crocheting sinistral spirals in the construction of a

collection of vessels using jute twine and various linen, cotton and hemp threads,

integrating science, art and math. Following on from this she is now exploring and developing Crochet Construction Techniques for Basketry using plant fibre.

Elma has been a member of the Basketmakers of Victoria since 2010 and regularly

exhibits and demonstrates through the guild. She has recently become a member

of SECAN – South Eastern Contemporary

Arts Network.

Email: em4elmayoung@gmail.com

Instagram: em4elmayoung

Facebook: Elma Young/Crochet Crazies